The Veder Method

Every human being has the need to be able to communicate and engage. It prevents loneliness and gives people a sense of belonging.
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Research has shown that the Veder Method can contribute to the well-being and behaviour of residents of care homes.  
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Our Services

Theatre Veder produces and performs theatre in living rooms of care homes as well as ‘real’ theatres. These performances are designed for people living with dementia and other cognitive impairments. The goal of these interactive performances is to establish reciprocal contact and invite people to engage through theatre, music and poetry.Theatre Veder also offers made-to-measure performances for special occasions or trainings.
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About us 

Theatre Veder has developed a method for establishing contact with people who might normally have difficulty engaging in reciprocal contact.
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Theatre Veder was established out of a desire to do things differently. When working as a nurse, founder Maria Westra noticed that there was little time for genuine contact between people in health care.
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